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Fuel & Vehicles:

6.7.12 - Airline group says biofuels need govt support - Businessweek. International Air Transportation Association just had a meeting in Beijing and they are calling for government support for biofuels. The industry only responsible for 3% carbon emission but is the fastest growing source. Commercialization of biofuels for airlines easier than cars as it would less complicated getting the fuel to 3800 airports worldwide than millions of gas stations.

6.6.12 - An Ultra-Cheap Compressed Air Car Moves Closer To Reality - fastcoexist. The concept, of course, is brilliant. And despite years of effort to bring the concept to reality, Tata Motors is not giving up. Concerns are over tank safety (its under extremely high pressure), energy source to compress the air and the time it takes to charge the tank.

6.6.12 - Energy-dense biofuel from cellulose close to being economical - agprofessional. Biofuel from switch grass or corn stover can be produced in new process developed at Purdue for about $100/barrel - competitive when gas prices climb.

6.6.12 - 118 MPGe 2013 Honda Fit EV Awarded Highest EPA Fuel-Efficiency Rating - inhabitat. Recharged in less than 3 hours the Honda Fit EV has a range of 82 miles and has a retail price of $36,625 or can be leased at $389/month.

5.25.12 - German institute focusing on algae engineering - engineeringnews.co.za. Algae offers a lot of promise as a biofuel. Without political support for it's development here in the US, it's likely we'll be purchasing the technology to produce it or perhaps even the fuel itself from international sources - maybe Germany.

5.24.12 - Hydrogen Fuel Cell Cars And Their Current Status « - earthtechling. Toyota looks to put a fuel cell vehicle on the market by 2015 and Daimler is leasing a small number of prototypes to Los Angeles drivers and will put a compact on sale in 2014.

5.24.12 - Senate Panel Cuts Off Navy's Biofuel Buys - wired. Both House and Senate Armed Services Committees pass bans on DoD bio fuel purchases that are more costly than oil. They also blocked any Navy investment in developing alternative sources of fuel. This is not just an environmental or economic argument. Biofuels may not be competitive with current oil prices, however the expectation is that oil prices will rise. Then there's always the question of the security of supply. Isn't it worth paying a little more for something that is domestically produced and contributing to our economy.

5.20.12 - Will Algae Biofuels Hit the Highway? - Forbes . Nice overview of the algae biofuel industry in the US. The production costs are still too high to realistically bring algae biofuel to the pump, but with good science and development of algae products for the chemical, cosmetic and health food industry, costs will come down to economically acceptable levels over the next 5-10 years. The industry would also benefit from tax incentives offered to cellulose ethanol producers and legislation was recently introduced to provide them.

5.18.12 - A green future: NASA's $10 million project explores algae of as fuel source - San Jose Mercury News - mercurynews. NASA's Omega project researchers explore growing algae in sewage, which removes nutrients. Their goal is to grow algae in a closed system in the ocean, treating waste water that ultimately is released to the ocean.

5.18.12. - Princeton Senior Exploring Solution of Bamboo as Biofuel | Climate Central. Inspiring article about Amanda Rees and her research into the potential of bamboo as a biofuel.

5.17.12 - Biofuel access at its highest in Sacramento - sacramentopress. Sacramento may have the greatest access to biofuels and with average fuel prices reaching $4.25 a gallon there, biofuels are priced competitively.

5/17/12 - 2013 Ford C-MAX Hybrid, Ford's First Dedicated Hybrid Starts at $25,995 - inhabitat. Arriving at dealerships this fall.

5/15/12 - Researchers Turn Algae Into Fuel at Tyndall's Air Force Research Laboratory - wjhg. The air force began exploring algae biofuel 3 years ago. It grows fast and it can grow anywhere. It can be produced at deployed locations reducing very signification transportation costs.

5/10/12 - $9,000 EV Is Here, All 770 Pounds Of It « - earthtechling - $9,000 EV Volpe available in Europe in 2013.

5/9/12 - World record 1,626 miles on one tank of diesel - gizmag- World record 1,626 miles on one tank of diesel - Loudon County deputy verifies the diesel VW's mileage - The Stock 2012 Volkswagen Passat traveled from Houston, Texas to Sterling, VA one one tank of fuel.

5/7/12 - Sustainability - Tata Motors enters second phase of air-car development - gizmag - Compressed air propelled vehicle being developed by Tata Motors.

5/7/12 - Natural Gas Vehicle Faceoff: Honda vs. Detroit - blog.cleantechies - By the end of the year CNG versions of Chrysler, GM and Ford pick up trucks will be available. Honda Civic GX sales will expand to 38 states.

5/7/12 - Anthony NM Plant Creating Thousands Of Gallons Of Biofuel - kvia - Biofuel - New Mexico facility producing 2000 gallons of biofuel from restaurant vegetable oil waste.

5/4/12 - Major Automakers Team Up on Fast Charging System for EVs - ecogeek - Standardized & fast (15 min) EV charging system supported by 8 major American and German automakers. New port expected to be available in 2013. -

5/3/12 - Newest U.S. Army Ride Something Tree Huggers Will Love? | Earthtechling

5/3/12 - The Solazyme Effect and Algae's Second Wave | CleanTechies Blog - CleanTechies.com‏

5/2/12 - Biojet Fuels Taxi for Takeoff | CleanTechies Blog - CleanTechies.com

4/26/12 - A State-by-State Roadmap To Climate-Friendly Automobiles | CleanTechies Blog - CleanTechies.com‏

4/24/12 - Biofuel Powers Boeing 787 Across The Pacific | Earthtechling‏

4/23/12 - Algae Biofuel From NASA - (Omega System)‏ | auto-types.com

4/21/12 - VW E-Bugster Cabriolet a glimpse of the future | GizMag

4/19/12 - Buy an Electric Car, Get Rooftop Solar for Under $10,000 : TreeHugger‏

4/19/12 - Pennycress? Yep, It's the Next Big Biofuel - CleanTechnica

4/19/12 - Ford Focus Electric: The Test Drive : TreeHugger‏

4/19/12 - Delaware Student Generates Hydrogen from Sunlight - Solar Novus Today

4/18/12 - Electric Vehicles Good for Environment, Save Money‏ | CleanTechnica

4/18/12 - NASA showcases method to grow algae-based biofuels‏ | PhysOrg

4/17/12 - Elekra One Electric Plane + Solar Panels - CleanTechnica‏

4/14/12 - Not Pretty, but This EV Can Go Over 200 Miles on 1 Charge - CleanTechnica

4/13/12 - NASA Ready To Show-Off Algae Biofuel Research Project | TPM Idea Lab‏

4/13/12 - Gas Prices Too High? Have You Considered Sewage? (hydrogen fuel)| Co.Exist: World changing ideas and innovation‏

4/9/12 - Study: Biofuels Could Be Competitive At Today's Gas Prices‏ | Gas2.org

4/7/12 - EV Wireless Charging Gets $4 Million Funding from DOE‏ | CleanTechnica

4/6/12 - Scientist Develops Self-Sustaining Solar Reactor That Produces Clean Hydrogen Fuel | Inhabitat - Sustainable Design Innovation, Eco Architecture, Green Building‏

4/6/12 - Energy Department Announces Up to $15 Million to Research Biomass-Based Supplements for Traditional Fuels - DOE EERE News

4/5/12 - U.S. Military Gets Serious About Biofuels | Earthtechling‏

4/4/12 - Half-bike, half-car Velomobile goes 80 miles on 6 cents of electricity | Grist‏

4/4/12 - Animal fat-to-biofuel plant proposed in California - Post Bulletin

4/3/12 - US Navy adding butanol to jet biofuel repertoire | TG Daily

4/3/12 - Algae biofuels: the wave of the future | e! Science News‏

4/3/12 - Solazyme and Bunge Plan Factory to Make Oil from Algae - NYTimes.com

4/2/12 - Zero Energy Construction: Arizona Company Plans Coast-to-Coast Fast Charging Network | ZeroEnergyConstruction

4/2/12 - Ford to Offer Stop-Start Fuel-Saving System on Non-Hybrid 2013 Fusion for $295 : TreeHugger‏

4/1/12 - Methyl Ketones, A Sweeter Smelling Biofuel | Earthtechling‏

3/30/12 - Biodiesel extracted from sea algae set to propel vehicles - The Times of India

3/29/12 - Bacterial Biofuels: Microbes Turn CO2 to Fuel - Popular Mechanics

3/28/12 - Swatch to create a hydrogen and oxygen fueled automobile‏ | Ecofriend

3/26/12 - Volkswagen Pursuing Algae Diesel Research | EcoGeek

3/27/12 - Algae Fuel Video - Funding, Research, Developers‏ | CleanTechnica

3/26/12 - EV Charging Spots Added To AAA Mobile Maps | Earthtechling‏

3/26/12 - Denver zoo test-drives elephant-poop-powered vehicle - list | Grist‏

3/22/12 - U.S. Navy Contracts for Jet Biofuel from Woody Biomass‏ | CleanTechnica

3/21/12 - US Navy sails 1,200 miles on algae biofuel | TG Daily

3/21/12 - Big Oil… Big Solar… Big Algae? | Bacon's Rebellion‏

3/21/12 - Mitsubishi Unveils New Electric Motor System | Earthtechling‏

3/19/12 - Brookhaven Lab Develops Low Cost Way to Store and Transport Hydrogen‏ | CleanTechnica

3/19/12 - New West Coast Electric Highway Opens Along Historic Oregon Trail | Inhabitat - Green Design Will Save the World‏

3/19/12 - Start Your Engines: High-Octane Bio-Gas from Primus Green Energy | CleanTechies Blog - CleanTechies.com

3/16/12 - More Than A Car: The i-MiEV Is A Mobile Power Source‏ | CleanTechnica

3/15/12 - The "What Happened to the Methanol Economy?" Question - CleanTechnica‏

3/14/12 - Algae species explored for both biofuel source and pollution control‏ | PhysOrg

3/14/12 - From landfill to Lamborghini: the future of biofuels | Damian Carrington | Environment | guardian.co.uk‏

3/14/12 - Navy Buys $60,000 Worth of EV Charging Stations - CleanTechnica‏

3/14/12 - Charlottesville Tomorrow News Center: Edison2 presents car designs to green builders‏

3/13/12 - Coda Electric Sedan Finally Sees The Light Of Day | Earthtechling

3/13/12 - Israeli Researchers See Biofuel Potential in Seaweed | CleanTechies Blog - CleanTechies.com‏

3/7/12 - Obama Embraces Natural Gas Vehicles In A Billion Dollar Way | Earthtechling

3/6/12 - Chevy Volt Named 2012 European Car of the Year | Inhabitat - Green Design Will Save the World

3/6/12 - Automakers Offering Bi-Fuel Pickups‏ | EcoGeek.org

3/6/12 - Volkswagen Up-Grades Its CNG Concepts | Earthtechling

3/6/12 - Offshore Wind Farms Could Double As Seaweed Farms (for biofuel)| Earthtechling‏

3/6/12 - Sun, sewage and algae: a recipe for success? | Damian Carrington | Environment | guardian.co.uk‏

3/5/12 - Aqualia eyes large-scale algae biofuel production | MNN - Mother Nature Network‏

3/1/12 - (NC company to produce) Enzymes Lead the Way To Sustainable Biodiesel | Earthtechling‏

Rail/Public Transport

For the most up to date clips and even more news, visit the TidewaterCurrent Snip.it collection.

6.1.12 Norfolk Amrak link should be complete by year's end, mayor says - articles.dailypress.

5.13.12 - High-speed rail's competing visions - Burgess Everett and Adam Snider - politico. Good overview of high speed rail development strategies in the US.

5/7/12 - Virginia Beach light rail study FAQs - wavy - Virginia Beach hires HDR Inc. to study the extension of the Tide light rail to the Oceanfront.

4/30/12 - Virginia Forges Ahead On State Rail Projects, Sans Federal Support | TPM Idea Lab‏

4/29/12 - Virginia Beach's second chance on rail | HamptonRoads.com | PilotOnline.com

4/25/12 - Virginia Beach to hold light rail referendum in Nov. | HamptonRoads.com | PilotOnline.com‏

4/22/12 - Ferrari Thrill Goes Mass Transit -- First Private European Rail Company Tickets on Sale Now | Treehugger.com

4/18/12 - HRT: Norfolk light rail line The Tide surpasses 1 million passengers - dailypress.com

4/12/12 - Ride the eco-engine - Sustainability - Green - April 12, 2012 - Sacramento News & Review

4/12/12 - Referendum on light rail likely to land on Va. Beach ballot | Pilotonline.com

4/9/12 - Odds would be in light rail's favor in referendum | HamptonRoads.com | PilotOnline.com

4/5/12 - VB Mayor pushing for light rail referendum | WAVY.com | Virginia Beach, Va.‏

4/4/12 -Va. Beach councilmen want Nov. light-rail referendum | HamptonRoads.com | PilotOnline.com‏

3/22/12 - New York to Beijing in two hours without leaving the ground?‏ | GizMag

3/20/12 - No need to rush on rail referendum | HamptonRoads.com | PilotOnline.com‏

3/15/12 - (Light Rail in VB) VOTE SOONER, NOT LATER on Page A1 of Thursday, March 15, 2012 issue of The Virginian-Pilot‏

3/14/12 - High-speed rail legislation works through Assembly | Village News: Chesterfield County, Virginia's Community News‏

3/14/12 - Light rail picking up steam in VB | WAVY.com | Virginia Beach‏

3/13/12 - Weigh options on light rail | HamptonRoads.com | PilotOnline.com

3/8/12 - Private-public deal could bring light rail to Va. Beach - The Virginian-Pilot

Shipping & Water Craft:

5.28.12 - Solar powered boats being made in Rome - 9wsyr. Central New York - $40,000 solar powered pontoon boat from Tamarack Electric Boat.

5.25.12 - Companies explore sustainable shipping technologies - Channel NewsAsia.

Sustainable Shipping Initiative announces action plan to incorporate energy efficient technologies into the industry. Cargill Food's shipping tests a million dollar kite that will help propel the ship and reduce fuel usage (pictured). Included is a link to a video.


5.22.12 - Eco sail freighter loses berth to gas-guzzling superyacht | Sailing news | Yachting Monthly - yachtingmonthly.

Wind powered freighter promoting sustainable transport delayed by headwinds on a transatlantic voyage ironically losses easily accessible birth to gas guzzling yacht. Yachting Monthly will feature a story on the Tres Hombres sailing vessel and their transport scheme next month.

5.22.12 - Taking the solar powered boat out for a spin | todaysthv.com - todaysthv. While enjoying a trip down the Erie Canal, New York sailors are testing their sun powered (only) vessel on a 10 day 363 mile trip. With battery power, the boat can run after the sun goes down. The price for a basic model is comparatively reasonable at $45,000.

5/17/12 - The US $19,000 Quadrofoil - ecologically-sound 40 km/h electric hydrofoil sportscar for the water - gizmag. Powered by lithium ion batteries which can be charged with a PV panel, the 3.7 kW motor achieves 25 mph and can travel 62 miles before recharging.

5/16/12 - Robot Sailboat Out to Break World Record : Discovery News - news.discovery. On July 9 it is hoped that an autonomous (unmanned) sailboat will navigate 172 miles to study endangered harbor porpoises in the Baltic Sea.

5.15.12 - This Chocolate Brought To You By Sail (Video) - care2. Fair Transport is developing the hybrid eco liner pictured which will produce less than half the emissions of a standard cargo ship. They are currently transporting goods, including Grenada chocolate, across the ocean in tall ships.

5/8/12 - Port of Los Angeles to Pay Carriers for Using Low-Emission Ships · Environmental Management & Energy News · Environmental Leader - environmentalleader - The "environmental ship index" rates ships based on emissions. With a good score from low emissions, monetary incentives can be as much as $1250 per port visit. The port projects that 30% of vessels will qualify and reduce particulate emissions at the port by 16 tons.

5/8/12 - Eco-ShipsAre Hybrid Solar Ferries The Answer? [INTERVIEW] « - earthtechling -

Eco Marine Power is developing solar powered oil tankers and is now planning a hybrid solar ferry.


5/3/12 - At Ga port, river respirators to help fish breathe - delawareonline - Dredging to deepen the Savannah Harbor to accommodate larger tankers will reduce oxygen levels at the bottom so for $70 million and yearly operating costs of $1.2 million respirators will be installed to replenish oxygen .

5/2/12 - Planetsolar, Largest Solar-Powered Boat, to Complete Round-the-World Journey on Friday - CleanTechnica‏

5/1/12 - Will the Solar Odyssey Sail into a World Record? - Technorati Travel‏

5/1/12 - Hybrid Cargo Ships Could Reduce Fuel Consumption By 30% | Earthtechling‏

4/28/12 - Shipping industry raises bar on sustainability| Eco-Business

4/27/12 - First 'eco-design' Suezmax joins AET fleet | TankerOperator

4/23/12 - Cargo Ships Go Retro: Three New Projects To Clean Up Shipping With Sails | Co.Exist: World changing ideas and innovation

4/19/12 - Electric "Water Karts" for Canals of Paris, Venice,… | CleanTechnica

4/10/12 - E-Ship 1 --- 21st Century Sailing‏ | CleanTechnica

4/8/12 - Solar Boat Concept Reimagines Public Ferries | Earthtechling‏

4/4/12 - Aquarius Eco Ship Harnesses Wind And Solar Power For More Efficient Shipping | Inhabitat - Sustainable Design Innovation, Eco Architecture, Green Building‏

3/28/12 - The Motorship - 'E-power barge' to supply ships in port‏ | MotorShip.com

3/16/12 - Wind and Solar Powered Cronos Yacht is Made of Bamboo Panels | Inhabitat - Green Design Will Save the World

3/6/12 - Ocean Supremacy: The Largest and Greenest Super-yacht in the World | Inhabitat - Green Design Will Save the World‏


For the most up to date clips and even more news, visit the TidewaterCurrent Snip.it collection.

10/27/12 - CBES Between the Waters Bike Tour‏ (Eastern Shore) - Citizens for a Better Eastern Shore

2012 Shenandoah Valley Bicycle Festival - ourcommunityplace - The 21st Annual Shenandoah Valley Bicycle Festival–Saturday, July 28th, 2012.

5.29.12 - Norfolk clears path for pedicabs to ferry riders around - hamptonroads. Bike Taxis to be operating in Norfolk in June. They are already at the Oceanfront and Town Center in Virginia Beach.

May 2012 - In celebration of National Bike Month the City of Norfolk will be holding community bike rides throughout various neighborhoods during the month of May*. At each ride there will be free giveaways, discounts to local retailers, bike safety demonstrations, and free bike permitting by the Norfolk Police Department. The first 500 people to pre-register online will receive a free Norfolk Bike Month t-shirt.** (Unregistered riders will be allowed to sign up at the event one half hour prior to start time.)* Don't forget! Bike safety first - the City of Norfolk requires every person fourteen (14) years of age or younger to wear a protective helmet when riding! All rides will be escorted by the Norfolk Police Department and include a safety demonstration.For more information and to register visit: Norfolk Bike Month

5/15/12 - Bike-Sharing Updates from Around the World - cleantechnica. Weekly update from the Bike Sharing Blog on the latest news in biking from around the world.

5/11/12 - Electric Bikes Being Tested in Danville - wset - Danville, Virginia - 5 electric bikes being tested at Danville Community College. With LifeBat, a lithium ion battery company, close by, researchers hope to generate interest in the bikes for commuting. - http://www.wset.com/story/18312428/electric-bikes-being-tested-in-danville

5/8/12 - New York's Communal Bikes - green.blogs.nytimes- Citibank and MasterCard finance NY's communal bike network - of course, they get something out of the deal: advertising.

4/30/12 - Copenhagen Superhighway Opened… for Bikes (+ Cool Bicycling Video) - CleanTechnica‏

4/28/12 - Jump on a bike and join the fun - Bike Charlotte | Charlotte Observer

4/24/12 - Summer Biking Joy and Four Ways to Find It : TreeHugger‏

4/23/12 - Bike Vacation: Top Alley Destinations (includes Richmond, VA) | Yahoo.com

4/20/12 - Capital Bikeshare Nearly Operationally Profitable | DC.Streetsblog

4/19/12 - Rudi’s (solar) Techno-BOB Trailer Wonder | Bike Shop Hub‏

4/18/12 - Salisbury engineer leads drive for bike paths | The Daily Times | delmarvanow.com

4/16/12 - Want more bikers? Build more bike lanes. - The Washington Post‏

4/13/12 - One-in-Six Motorists Pass Cyclists Illegally in Baltimore : TreeHugger‏

4/13/12 - How Copenhagen Bike-Culture is Inspiring NYC : TreeHugger‏

4/13/12 - The Midget Bushtrekka Is a Cool Pull-Along Mini-Camper Designed for Bikers | Inhabitat - Sustainable Design Innovation, Eco Architecture, Green Building‏

4/11/12 - Park and pedal: Bike commuting made simple | MNN - Mother Nature Network

4/5/12 - Crusaders Taking Electric Bikes on Cross-Country Tour‏ | EcoGeek

4/5/12 - Wildlife and Habitat Conservation News: Classes Make Bicycling in Los Angeles Easier‏ | ENN.com

4/5/12 - Copenhagen Wheel (Pictures & Video) - CleanTechnica‏

4/4/12 - Half-bike, half-car Velomobile goes 80 miles on 6 cents of electricity | Grist‏

4/3/12 - Beautiful New Wood Bikes From 'Locally' Sourced Wood : TreeHugger‏

3/27/12 - Bike advocates and pro cyclists bridge the gap at National Bike Summit | Examiner.com

3/24/12 - New bike line opens along Shore Drive in Va. Beach | HamptonRoads.com | PilotOnline.com‏

3/14/12 - The city of VB is tentatively planning a ribbon cutting with Mayor Sessoms on Saturday, March 24th at 10:00 am celebrating the new bike lane on Shore Drive in First Landing | Shore Drive Community Coalition

3/12/12 - The Future of Cycling is in Your Hands - Slowtwitch.com

3/12/12 - Do Bike Lanes Breed Bike Commuters? | Earth & Industry‏

3/3/12 - Tidewater Bicycle Association - TBA Chili Ride‏ - Info

2/21/12 - Making Our Cities More Bike Friendly (Norfolk, VA) : How You Can Help - AltDaily

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