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6.14.12 - Rehabbed Green SeaTurtle released today at First Landing State Park - The Virginia Aquarium Stranding Team released Makahiki steps from the Chesapeake Bay amidst a group of onlookers. The juvenile turtle was found in Sandbridge last January suffering from cold shock. Makahiki's movements will be tracked by satellite. You should be able to follow Makahiki at www.seaturtletracking.org. Under species click on turtle, then check Green and hone in the East Coast.

May 21, 2012 - June 17, 2012 - Largest SEAGRASS RESTORATION in the World! - Oyster, VA - The Nature Conservancy | Poster

6.13.12 - Barnesville resident gives storm drains a bit of flair - gazette. Simple, cheap grate keeps trash out of storm water drains and watersheds. A chemical sponge can also be installed to trap pollutants.

6.11.12 - Virginia Institute of Marine Science - Shellfish aquaculture a bright spot in weak economy - vims.edu. Virginia Institute of Marine Sciences releases 2011 report on shellfish aquaculture in the State. The oyster industry is growing (up 38%from 2010) while the clam industry is holding steady and continues to be the the largest in the nation. A downloadable link is included.

6.10.12 - NEAQ Staff Plans 10-Hour Drive To Release 17 Endangered Sea Turtles - CBS Boston. Today New England Aquarium staff are making a 10 hour drive to the Eastern Shore of Virginia to release 15 Kemp's Ridley and 2 Loggerhead sea turtles that were rescued last winter suffering from hypothermia. The waters off the Massachusetts coast are still too cold.

6.8.12 - Oyster gardeners plant their first crop | The Suffolk News-Herald - suffolknewsherald. Suffolk, VA - While learning science, students help the environment. Elementary, middle and high school students in Suffolk raised oyster in floats, conducting analysis of water quality and monitoring growth. Now mature, some 33,000 oysters were submerged at 1 site in the Nansmond and 2,500 located on an intertidal reef in Chuckatuck Creek. The students will monitor how the oysters fare in the two different environments.

6.7.12 - Navy seeks exemption from the Marine Mammals Protection Act and Endangered Species Act to conduct sonar and explosives testing. Information is being provided and comments sought at a public open house in Virginia Beach on June 11 (more info below). The dates and times of other public meetings in Florida and North Carolina can be viewed here. View Project Fact Sheet. View the Draft Environmental Impact Statement and Supporting Documents. Comments will be accepted at the public meeting or you can submit them electronically here. Comments will be accepted until July 10. 2012.


Navy Sonar Testing Program Open House - Virginia Beach, VA
Monday, June 11, 2012 4:00 PM - 8:00 PM - Virginia Beach Convention Center
1000 19th St., Virginia Beach, VA 23451

6.7.12 - Oyster Castle Reef constructed on Long Creek, Virginia Beach

Davis Island map

Cape Henry Collegiate students with the support of Lynnhaven River Now, the City of Virginia Beach, the Nature Conservancy and more, built castle structures from concrete material containing oyster shells along the banks of Davis Island, across from Inlet Fitness near W. Great Neck Rd. See photos/info. As depicted below, the structures provide habitat for oysters and should be colonized in no time, as this is spawning season. Oysters are important because they filter water (up to 50 gallons/day per oyster) and remove potentially harmful pollutants.


6.7.12 - World Oceans Day: Don't mess with them or they'll mess with you - grist. Just in time for World Oceans Day, tomorrow, California established a series of marine sanctuaries (link provided in article). Other noteworthy ocean news includes a report from Climate Central naming Norfolk, VA as one of the top 5 most vulnerable cities to hurricanes (as sea level rise is particularly evident in the Chesapeake Bay region). Happy World Oceans Day!!!

6.6.12 - Wildlife Center of Va to release 3 patients - northjersey. A rehabbed VB Peregrin Falcon will be released this week in Hampton. In addition a Golden Eagle and a Bald Eagle are to be released in Nelson and Warsaw counties.

6.6.12 - Urban Fish Farming and Greenhouses as Cutting-Edge Educational Tools - cbf.typepad. Inspirational read - Inner City Baltimore public school focuses on sustainable farming and more. The Green Street Academy, founded at a former school site that closed in part because of high drop out rates, has a waiting list of kids that want to get in.

6.5.12 - Virginia's dying marshes and climate change denial - bbc.co.uk. Very interesting read on the impact of rising sea level in Virginia from BBC news. A bipartisan effort is being made by the Lower House of Delegates to fund a comprehensive study on the economic impact of flooding, something that can be addressed by politicians as there is little political will to address global warming.

6.4.12 - N.C. group joins uranium watch - www2.godanriver.

Concern over the downstream impact of a Virginia uranium mine has compelled North Carolina citizens to ban together against the proposed project

6.4.12 - Home gardeners raise Chesapeake bay grasses - www2.timesdispatch. In the Chesapeake Bay grasses once covered 600,000 acres but now grown on just 64,000 acres. To replenish grasses, Chesapeake Bay Program scientists are recruiting citizen gardeners to grow bath tub grasses for planting in the Bay and it's tributaries.

6.3.12 - Sustainable Design- Giant Umbrellas Turn a Public Space into a Water Cleaning Art Garden - treehugger- Portland Oregon Stormwater is diverted into bioswale which filters pollutants.

6.1.12 - A rare sea turtle nests on Ossabaw - savannahnow. Kemps Ridley nests on Georgia Sea Island instead of the Western Gulf of Mexico. Another report from N.C. indicates that Loggerhead turtles have started nesting earlier than usual (http://www.witn.com/home/headlines/NC_Sea_Turtles_Nesting_Early__151972295.html). Maybe it has something to do with the warmer than usual winter or the Gulf Oil spill.

5.31.12 - Navy: Three times more sonar testing - capecodonline. Navy to hold informational meetings on permit request from the National Marine Fisheries Service granting them an exemption from the Marine Mammal Protection Act. They plan to increase their use of sonar testing new ships and equipment. The author notes that the Navy has done their homework and it appears that they are taking great strides to protect marine mammals. Nevertheless, there is likely to be an impact. The article includes links to the EIS and links to a site where comments can be submitted. One of the meetings is to be held soon in Virginia Beach - will include something in the Events sections when that is determined.

5.30.12 - Seattle group creates 'Pollinator Pathway' for bees, birds, butterflies - king5. Great idea. Group in Seattle is creating native plant strips through urban areas to link natural areas in Seattle.

5.30.12 - EPA lends support to Altavista's plan to clean up PCBs - www2.wsls. Altavista, VA - EPA supports bioremediation plan to remove PCBs from wastewater pond. The alternative method, removal, is too costly estimated at $4.5 million. Instead Poplars and willow trees will be planted and microbial activity in the root system will break down the compounds rendering them inert. Phytoremediation tests are underway.

5.30.12 - Lawsuit Filed to Protect Crayfish Threatened by Mountaintop-removal Mining in Kentucky, Virginia and West Virginia - biologicaldiversity. The US Fish and Wildlife Service is being sued by the Center for Biological Diversity for failure to protect the Big Sandy Crayfish considered keystone species. Found only in Appalachia populations are threatened by pollution from mountain top removal coal mining and logging in W. Virginia, Virginia and Kentucky.

5.29.12 - Can fungi clean up a Superfund site? They're giving it a try - msnbc. Interesting article on bioremediation. In this case, Oyster mushroom floats are being deployed to decompose pollutants in a Brooklyn waterway. Mycoremediation can remove toxic materials including metals like mercury and cadmuium as well as dangerous microbes. The floating mycobooms are completely experimental and could take years to have any impact, but superfund cleanups using more traditional methods can also take years, so this will be an interesting experiment to track.

5.28.12 - Expert Links Dolphin Deaths to Sonar Testing - green.blogs.nytimes. If sonar was indeed involved in the mass deaths in Peru, the US Fish and Wildlife will need to look closely at the circumstances of this event before allowing the Navy to have an exemption from adhering to the Marine Mammal Protection Act for sonar testing. (See: http://snip.it/snips/172520)

5.28.12 - As Virginia Looks At Whether Uranium Can Be Mined Safely, Critics Voice Concern (Richmond, Va.) | oregonlive.com. With the Nation's largest know uranium mine, Virginia considers lifting ban on mining. Study commissioned by the Governor (not the state legislature) to be completed by the end of the year. Meanwhile another study conducted by the National Academy of Science and released in December notes that there are many hurdles to be jumped, including measures to protect the environment and the public. The NAS is holding a meeting in Virginia Beach Thursday to discuss its findings. Info at http://snip.it/snips/162024.

5.27.12 - Bees in Times Square: InterContinental Hotel Unveils New Rooftop Beehive - inhabitat. This is a great program to help bees. 10,000 honey bees have a new rooftop home in Time Square. With 30 pounds of honey expected this year, the Hotel will harvest it for use in beverages and menu items. Two other Interconitnental Hotels sport bee hives here in the US and there are rooftop hives on the White House and hotels elsewhere.

5.26.12 - Chesapeake Bay oysters get new housing - dailypress. Chesapeake Bay Foundation volunteers manufacture hollow concrete balls for oyster restoration projects in the Lafayette and Piankatank Rivers. Oyster spat attaches to the balls and within months the balls are completely covered with oysters. Oysters filter pollutants from the water and the balls can also be used stabilize shorelines.

"May is Garden for Wildlife Month." Through the National Wildlife Federation, find out how to create a certified wildlife habitat in your own yard or that of a community garden, like a church. NWF

5.24.12 - DNA evidence shows that marine reserves help to sustain fisheries - phys. Protected ares benefit commercial fishing. Larvae from marine reserves build fish stocks (even outside the reserves).This study was conducted by researchers in Australia but should apply everywhere.

5.24.12 - Petition is the first of many steps toward helping the Susquehanna River - pennlive. Homeschooler posts petition to the US Senate to limit pollution in the Susquehanna River. Link to petition: http://www.change.org/petitions/the-u-s-senate-declare-the-susquehanna-river-impaired-under-the-federal-clean-water-act#

5.23.12 - Vermont Bans Fracking, Citing Injury Concerns - reuters. Good on VT for banning fracking. The author notes that without significant shale deposits in state, it was not a controversial or difficult decision. Virginia has not banned fracking and it would appear that the McDonnell administration is in favor of it, as it recently encouraged a Rockingham County Board to approve a project. Nevertheless the controversial method is not utilized in the state. A special land use permit necessary from the Board of Supervisors in Rockingham never even came to a vote as so much concern was expressed over the project. One concern cited was the increased risk of earthquakes. Meanwhile, North Carolina is now considering allowing fracking in the State.

5.23.12 - Virginia Institute of Marine Science - VIMS reports record number of young scallops in mid-Atlantic - vims.edu. VIMS scallop survey finds unprecedented growth in Virginia's top commercial fishery. The fishery once over exploited, is now managed on a rotating basis, where some beds are closed when adult populations are below a predetermined threshold or there a a significant number of young scallops. It appears that management has been successful.

5.22.12 - Trust for Public Land - Park Score -CITY RANKINGS - Virginia Beach #7 - parkscore.tpl. The City of Virginia Beach ranks number 7 in the Trust for Public Land's National Park Score Rankings (just behind Portland and before San Diego). Check the website for details.http://parkscore.tpl.org/rankings.php

5.21.12 - Chesapeake Bay watermen reel in 'ghost pots' - video.msnbc.msn. MSNBC news clip - 60,000 crab pots are lost a year in the Chesapeake Bay and become death traps. A federal program is paying fishermen to remove the ghost pots. After 4 years, tens of thousands of pots have been removed and crab number are on the rise in the Bay.

5.17.12 - Scum sucking plants save ponds - carolinalive. Floating wetlands used to remove nutrients damaging to water quality and preventing unsightly algae blooms also provide habitat for wildlife and aesthetic appeal to residents.

5/17/12 - Chesapeake Bay historic trail expanding - baltimoresun. Four rivers being added to expand the Captain John Smith Chesapeake Bay Historic Trail. The water trail is marked with smart buoys.

5/17/12 - Summer Travel in Virginia Gets a Big Boost with New LOVE Artwork - prweb.

Virginia Tourism Corporation spells LOVE with Giant Chairs at Kiptopeke State Park on Virginia's Eastern Shore. Home to one of the greatest state park systems in the country, from the mountains to the sea, LOVE is at the heart of visit to any of Virginia's natural areas.

5/15/12 - Virginia Beach hunts for best use for preserved land - hamptonroads. Completion of the $13 million dollar purchase of VB's 113 acre Pleasure House Point expected by July 10. It should be open to the public shortly thereafter. Lots of ideas and uses suggested. I like the idea of environmental awareness and restoration education programs (perhaps a seminar on the detrimental impacts of dredging).

5/15/12 - Military families to get free national parks pass - foxnews. The America the Beautiful National Parks and Federal Recreation Lands Annual Pass ($80) available free to active duty military and their families. Just bring your military ID along to any National Park or Wildlife Refuge to get your pass. It will allow access to National Parks, US Fish and Wildlife Service, US Forest Service, BLM, Bureau of Reclamation and Army Corps sites that charge entrance fees.

5/15/12 - Questions about incredible sea turtle migration answered - phys. Research by a team led by Kenneth Lohmann (UNC-Chapel Hill) on Loggerhead migrations appears in the June issue of the Journal of Experimental Biology. Of note, a common practice to protect eggs from predators in metal cages could affect the local magnetic field and inhibit the hatchling' s ability to navigate when they emerge.

5/15/12 - Gansler eyeing lawsuit over menhaden catch limits - baltimoresun. Menhaden Fishery Management - MD Attorney General urges the Atlantic States Fisheries Commission to impose the majority of harvest restrictions on Virginia's Omega Protein which takes 80% of the mid-atlantic catc.

5/15/12 - Ruling on West Virginia Mine Will Be Appealed - nytimes. Obama Administration to appeal federal ruling that EPA illegally vetoed a coal mining project in W. VA. EPA claims the coal mining would damage rivers and wildlife by burying 6.6. miles of stream under tons of waste produced at the mine.

5/15/12 - Nature & More: Sowing Seeds for Bees - foodanddrinkdigital. International Bees Love Organic Campaign distributing 400,000 free bags of organic flower seeds in Europe for planting.

5/14/12 - Conservationists knocking on wood that birds thrive - hamptonroads. Scientists are celebrating at the Nature Conservancy's long leaf Pine Piney Grove Preserve. After 10 years of trying to revive number on the rarest bird in the State, the Red-Cockaded Woodpecker, they're seeing results. 10 pairs are nesting in the 2700 acres sanctuary up from 2 pairs 10 years ago.

5/14/12 - A Rebound for 6 Fish Populations - green.blogs.nytimes. NOAA reports that fish stocks have returned to healthy levels for 6 species (including the mid-Atlantic summer Flounder) and that overall fish stocks were improving as a result of often controversial fishery management programs.

5/13/12 SouthWings: The flying conservation classroom - nooga- Asheville North Carolina based South Wings is an aviation non profit that works to find solutions to environmental concerns affecting the South East. Volunteer pilots provide free aerial and photo tours to show leaders and the media the actual impact of threatening activities including their focus: mountaintop removal coal mining (common in Virginia, W. Va, Kentucky and Tennessee). They've also helped with the BP oil spill monitoring and various other conservation efforts. In Tennessee they've worked to support legislation to protect scenic vistas (which would stop mountaintop removal) as well as wilderness areas. - http://www.nooga.com/155305/southwings-the-flying-conservation-classroom/

5/11/12 - Residents of drowning Tangier Island look for lifeline - hamptonroads - Tangier Island, Virginia - This Chesapeake Bay fishing community is suffering from sea level rise The article discusses whether effort should be made to protect it or let nature take it's course. There is evidence that Indians inhabited the island in pre-colonial times. Settled by colonists in 1686, the 450 remaining residents still speak with a colonial dialect more like old English. From a cultural perspective, the abandonment of this island would certainly be a loss. - http://hamptonroads.com/2012/05/residents-drowning-tangier-island-look-lifeline

5/11/12 – Walk Across Virginia: About The Walk - walkacrossvirginia.blogspot - Yesterday Laurel Woodworth began a walking journey across the Commonwealth of Virginia. As a storm water and watershed planner, she embarked on the 400 mile mountain to sea exploration to gain intimate knowledge of the state's water resources. You can follow her on her journey at http://walkacrossvirginia.blogspot.com/ .

5/11/12 - When Global Warming Hits Home (Literally) - switchboard.nrdc - Norfolk Mayor Paul Fraim is featured in a PBS documentary on sea level rise. There is discussion on the lack of federal action taken on global warming and also a look at what some states and organizations are doing to prepare for climate change - including a Navy study being conducted on the affect rising seas will have on their facilities in Norfolk. An interactive map of the US on storm surge and sea level rise is included. - http://switchboard.nrdc.org/blogs/plehner/when_global_warming_hits_home.html

5/10/12 - River Restoration Creates Jobs - americanrivers- American Rivers reports that habitat restoration projects create more jobs than other capital intensive investments including road construction, the oil and gas industry and military spending. - http://www.americanrivers.org/newsroom/blog/bgraber-20120510-river-restoration-creates.html

5/9/12 - Back Bay gets infusion of largemouth bass - hamptonroads - Several hundred baby bass from Alabama were released into Back Ba yesterda. Due to a decline in water quality native largemouth bass populations,once very prolific, have dropped in recent decades. A smaller release of bass was very successful recently so expectations are promising that those just released will mature and breed with the natives to grow the population.

5/9/12 - Conservation Can Be Good for Your Health - fastcoexist - From a study conducted in Finland, researchers suggest weaker immune systems and allergic reactions found among populations where there is less contact with nature and biodiversity.

5/8/12 - Goats tackle invasive species - stardem - Eco-Goats, a Maryland company rents goats to clear land of invasive species. Prince Georges County has employed the company to clear Chocolate Vine, which resisted county chemical and trimming clearing efforts. The environmental control method is becoming more popular. -

5/8/12 - Farmers to receive grants to fight pollution in parts of Chesapeake, other watersheds - washingtonpost - Grants totaling $33 million to be made available to farm, ranch and forest owners to mitigate pollution and improve water quality in critical watersheds (including the Chesapeake Bay).

5/8/12 - A Win for the Whales: Iceland Stops Fin Whaling - switchboard.nrdc- Hunting for the endangered Fin whale suspended for 2012 in Iceland. NRDC with the help of Pierce Brosnan lobbied for sanctions against Iceland for whaling. - http://switchboard.nrdc.org/blogs/tkiekow/a_win_for_the_whales_iceland_s.html

5/7/12 - ASU student helps hair salon add style to environment with Living Machine - www2.journalnow - Boone, NC - Appalachian State student receives not 1 but 2 grants to develop an ecological waste water treatment system known as a "living machine" at the hair salon where she works part-time.

5/7/12 - Oyster planting season begins - baltimoresun - Nearly 100 acres of oyster reefs to be planted this year in Harris Creek - Chesapeake Bay, MD.

5/7/12 - Wild Horses' Fate in Outer Banks Lies in Preservation Clash - nytimes- Without intervention, the wild horses that live on the North Carolina barrier islands just south of the Virginia Border, could suffer from genetic collapse caused by inbreeding. Advocates for the horses want to bring in more horses, however doing so threatens other wildlife in the area - migrating birds and egg laying sea turtles. -

5/7/12 - The Bottom Line: Little Fish Do Matter - huffingtonpost- Forage fish mainly used for animal feed account for 37% of the global catch of wild fish, but are also needed to sustain commercially sought food fish. The gist of this Huffington Post piece is that more and better management of this resource is needed.

5/7/12 - Virginia Institute of Marine Science - Virginia Sea Grant Director appointed to National Research Council Committee - vims.edu - Dr. Troy Hartley to appointed to the Committee on Evaluating the Effectiveness of Stock Rebuilding Plans to advise Congress. -

5/7/11 - Eagle Festival - Events | Norfolk Botanical Garden‏

5/5/12 - NASA Langley deploys jet to North Pole to collect data on climate change - dailypress - As part of Operation Ice Bridge, Crews from NASA are collecting data on sea ice cover in the Arctic. In October and November they will go to the Antarctic.

5/4/12 - Maryland's 2012 Chesapeake Bay Oyster Plantings Begin - Southern Maryland Headline News‏

5/3/12 - Chesapeake Bay pollution: Study: Pollution trading could trim bay cleanup costs - baltimoresun.com

5/2/12 - A swift approach to cleaner water | HamptonRoads.com | PilotOnline.com‏

5/1/12 - Rare glimpse into great blue heron nest‏ | ScienceDaily.com

5/1/12 - Suffolk Salvation Army Corps is Making Environmental History in Virginia by Launching an A500 Rocket® Model Food Composter, the First One in the State - Food and Drink Digital‏

4/30/12 - Constructed Wetlands for Wastewater - EBN: 18:8 - BuildingGreen.com‏

4/30/12 - National Park Service holds Fort Monroe planning forums - dailypress.com‏


4/30/12 - Bay cleanup plan has environmental groups at odds - The Washington Post

4/27/21- Virginia Business - News: Lafayette River on track to become fishable and swimmable by 2014‏ | VirginiaBusiness.com

4/27/12 - Mixed messages in crab report | HamptonRoads.com | PilotOnline.com

4/26/12 - Dredging Today – Elizabeth River Restoration Project Completed (USA)‏

4/25/12 - Algae scrubber cleans Inner Harbor waters | Baltimore City News - WBAL Home

4/25/12 - Governor Corbett Announces $115 Million Investment in Water Infrastructure Projects in 17 Counties - MarketWatch

4/24/12 - Virginia Business - News: Farm on Rappahannock River put into easement‏

4/24/12 - Algae 'scrubber' tackles harbor pollution (eco engineering) - Baltimore Sun

4/23/12 - Jean-Michel Cousteau Marine Explorer, Environmental Activist, Educator and Filmmaker Speaking at President's Lecture Series at Old Dominion University‏ - FREE - Info

4/22/12 - Investing in the future of our coast - Daily Press‏

4/22/12 - Trees! What are they good for? | HamptonRoads.com

4/21/12 - Popup Park planned in Downtown Norfok‏ | HamptonRoads.com

4/21/12 - Washington Gas Energy Services and Sterling Planet Donate $126,000 to the Chesapeake Bay Foundation's Carbon Reduction Fund; Help Plant 1,500 Trees in Frederick, MD - MarketWatch

4/20/12 - University (of VA), IBM research Chesapeake Bay ecosystem | The Cavalier Daily

4/20/12 - Floating wetlands grow in Baltimore's Inner Harbor - ABC27 WHTM‏‏

4/20/12 - Researchers aim to lessen clash between raptors, wind turbines‏ | Phys.org

4/19/12 - Chesapeake Bay blue crab population near 20-year high | WVEC.com Norfolk - Hampton Roads‏

4/18/12 - Young Whoopers Take Flight - NYTimes.com

4/18/12 - It's feast time in Richmond eagle nest | Richmond Times-Dispatch

4/16/12 - Turtle-safe scallops coming to the plate | The Asbury Park Press NJ | APP.com‏

4/17/12 - Wind Turbine Plucks Clean Water From Desert Air | Earthtechling

4/16/12 - Expanding Our Knowledge of a Wind Farm's Impact on Birds - CleanTechnica

4/16/12 - UPDATE: Eagle parents return to feed their chicks‏ | RichmondTimesDispatch

4/16/12 - Eagle chicks waiting for parents' return | Richmond Times-Dispatch‏

4/16/12 - MD pushes 'greener' lawn care for Bay - baltimoresun.com

4/15/12 - Input sought on oyster plan for Chesapeake Bay | The Daily Times | delmarvanow.com‏

4/15/12 - Portsmouth protecting the shoreline with shells | HamptonRoads.com | PilotOnline.com‏

4/15/12 - Perdue lends a hand at cleanup event | The Daily Times | delmarvanow.com

4/15/12 - Vulture population in North Carolina is rising fast | HamptonRoads.com | PilotOnline.com‏

4/15/12 - Eagle Cam comes to end; chicks being fed by hand | Richmond Times-Dispatch

4/14/12 - Va. researchers track migratory bird's travels | WSLS 10

4/14/12 - Flourishing flowers - Daily Press‏

4/13/12 - Fish & Wildlife Service Proposes To Revise Eagle Permit Regulations, Seeks Public Comment - 04/13/2012 - Chattanoogan.com‏

4/13/12 - Virginia woman nurses ailing bats back to health | WJLA.com

4/12/12 - EPA, American Rivers award $1.37 million in grants to restore Potomac Highlands rivers - WaterWorld

4/10/12 - Agency buys Eastern Shore islands to protect the Bay | HamptonRoads.com | PilotOnline.com‏

4/10/12 - Wetlands conservation grants a boon to protecting wildlife | Examiner.om

4/10/12 - Army Corps holds first of 3 public hearings on Chesapeake oyster restoration plan - The Washington Post‏

4/10/12 - Coaxing American Chestnuts Back to Appalachia | NY Times

4/9/12 - Harvard Study Links Pesticide-Laced Corn Syrup to Bee Colony Collapse | Inhabitat - Sustainable Design Innovation, Eco Architecture, Green Building‏

4/9/12 - Volunteers Work To Make Inner Harbor Cleaner & Safer « CBS Baltimore

4/9/12 - Fredericksburg.com - Fishing for answers (Forage Fish - Menhadden)‏

4/9/12 - Big Warning on Little Fish | NYTimes

4/9/12 - Vertical Gardens in Mexico a Symbol of Progress - Lush Walls Rise to Fight a Blanket of Pollution | NYTimes.com

4/8/12 - Artificial wetlands to grow in Inner Harbor - Baltimore Sun‏

4/6/12 - Lynnhaven River losing some of harvest zones | HamptonRoads.com | PilotOnline.com‏

4/6/12 - Ospreys abundant in Gloucester and Mobjack Bay - Daily Press‏

4/5/12 - Applied Clean Tech turns sewage into eco friendly paper | WasteManagementWorld

4/4/12 - National Park Service holding open house meetings - Daily Press

4/4/12 - Va. officials to discuss uranium study group | HamptonRoads.com | PilotOnline.com‏

4/4/12 -New Chesapeake Bay Report: 650,000 Ag and Forest Acres Conserved in 16 Months‏ | PoliticalNews.me

4/4/12 - Sewage Into Power And Clean Water A Step Closer | Earthtechling‏

4/4/12 - Virginia TV ads tout new greenhouse gas limits on power plants - Virginia Politics - The Washington Post‏

4/2/12 - Senate Bill Pushes for Wetlands Conservation Act Reauthorization‏ | FloridaSportsman

4/2/12 - Floating wetlands to expand in Inner Harbor‏ | ABC2News

4/2/12 - US Fish & Wildlife Service Issues Final Wind Energy Guidelines | White & Case LLP - JDSupra‏

4/2/12 - Some Coral May Be Better Suited for a Warmer, More Acidic Ocean : TreeHugger

4/1/12 - Little fish are most valuable when left in the sea, researchers say - The Washington Post‏

4/1/12 - McDonnell submits Phase II of Bay cleanup plan | Augusta Free Press. The Valley. Virginia. Defined.‏

3/30/12 - Federal agencies release progress report, action plan for Chesapeake Bay restoration - Chesapeake Bay Program

3/29/12 - Portsmouth breaks ground on Paradise Creek Nature Park | WVEC.com Norfolk - Hampton Roads‏

3/29/12 - Wild Ideas: Native plants for wildlife | Rappahannock News‏

3/29/12 - New regulations could doom proposed Surry coal plant | HamptonRoads.com | PilotOnline.com‏

3/29/12 - Bee research details harm from insecticides - The Washington Post‏

3/28/12 - Wildlife Response to Release Rehabbed Pelicans - This Saturday at 2pm a pelican release is scheduled…this is not a fundraiser. It is an opportunity to see 28 pelicans that were rescued, suffering from frost bite, be released all at one time, back into the wild.
where: Shell Fish Company (next to Bubba's) on Shore Dr. at the Lesner Bridge
Acousitc Entertainment by Louis Smith .…weather should be beautiful…..

3/28/12 - Virginia Institute of Marine Science - Survey of underwater grasses shows both decline and resilience in 2011‏ - VIMS

3/28/12 - Chesapeake underwater grasses drop more than 20 percent in 2011; rains, heat blamed (some good news reported) - Washington Post

3/27/12 - Floating wetlands touted for Bay cleanup - The Star Democrat: Local News

3/27/12 - Water wasters: Worrell decries waste, centralization (eco waste water treatment with living machines)| The Hook - Charlottesville's weekly newspaper, news magazine

3/27/12 - Maryland hopes to win sales with sustainable crab | BusinessWeek

3/27/12 - Cardin: Tightened EPA power plant standards to benefit Chesapeake Bay | DelmarvaNow

3/27/12 - Ballast Regulations - News at Old Dominion University

3/27/12 - Almost everywhere state looks, waters are polluted (some good news)| HamptonRoads.com | PilotOnline.com‏

3/23/12 - Local college students spend Spring Break restoring wetlands | WVEC.com Norfolk - Hampton Roads‏

3/22/12 - Va. blue crab season off to strong start | Richmond Times-Dispatch

3/22/12 - Assateague in Maryland and Virginia under one agency? | The Daily Times | delmarvanow.com‏

3/21/12 - Water and food security focus of World Water Day 2012‏ | BusinessMirror

3/21/12 - The Virginia Gazette, Williamsburg Virginia > News > VIMS professor helps lead international study‏to measure the monetary value of the oceans.

3/19/12 - Oyster Restoration Effort Planned on Eastern Shore - WBOC-TV 16, Delmarvas News Leader, FOX 21

3/19/12 - Bay Daily: Sign of the Climate? Migratory Osprey Remain in Chesapeake All Winter‏

3/15/12 - New York City Commits to Green Solution for Sewage Overflows, Harnessing Water as a Resource to Improve Communities | Peter Lehner's Blog | Switchboard, from NRDC‏

3/15/12 - OspreyCam gives live view of nest in Gloucester | HamptonRoads.com | PilotOnline.com‏

3/15/12 - Charlottesville Tomorrow News Center: DEQ briefs localities on quality of area streams (bioretention)‏ | CvilleTomorrow

3/14/12 - Ocean Planning Would Bring Billions of Dollars of Economic Benefits, New Study Confirms | Sarah Chasis's Blog | Switchboard, from NRDC‏

3/14/12 - Virginia Beach deal preserves a slice of nature | HamptonRoads.com | PilotOnline.com

3/13/12 - Update: Menhaden 1, General Assembly 0 | Bacon's Rebellion‏

3/12 - 2011 Blue Crab Assessment - Fisheries Hot Topics - chesapeakebay.noaa.gov‏

3/12/12 - Virginia Institute of Marine Science - VIMS announces launch of "OspreyCam"‏

3/12 - Chesapeake Bay Journal: Atlantic sturgeon officially listed as endangered - March 2012‏

3/5/12 - Federal agencies release progress report, action plan for Chesapeake Bay restoration - Chesapeake Bay Program‏

3/7/12 - When it comes to creating wetlands, Mother Nature is in charge‏ | ScienceDaily.com



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