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6.4.12 - The new new hydropower: Small-scale turbines have big potential - grist. Hydrokinetic energy is being tapped in an irrigation canal. Highways of channels have been developed worldwide and are particularly prevalent in the western United States to deliver water to farms and cities. The Bureau of Reclamation which manages thousands of miles of canals is working with the Interior Department and the Army Corps of Engineers to expand the use of this environmentally sound resource. A Seattle Start up, Hydrovolts, is testing technology to capturing the energy of this flowing water. Meanwhile, a Boston based company is testing somewhat different hydrokinetic technology in the Mississippi River. Video included. http://grist.org/renewable-energy/the-new-new-hydropower-small-scale-turbines-have-big-potential/

6.1.12 - Tide turns towards undersea energy - CNN.com. Scottish tidal turbine tested off Orkney can produce 1 MW of energy enough to supply 500 homes.

5.31.12 - Tidal Energy Company Seeks To Make Rural River Power in Alaska - Forbes. Ocean Renewable Power Company looks to test in stream generator in Igiugig. Like many villages in Alaska, residents rely on transported and therefore expensive diesel fuel and therefore there is great potential for renewables in the state. The company is moving forward with an installation in tidal Cobscook Bay, Maine.

5.30.12 - Tocardo signs deal with Koreans for tidal turbine - Renewable Energy Magazine.

Tested in Dutch waters, Tocardo turbines can be deployed offshore or in rivers. They are smaller and lower cost than their competitors and the company claims energy produced is competitive with wind farms.


5.24.12 - Eco Wave Power Successfully Installed its First Fully Operational Wave Energy Power Plant. SacBee

Medium Scale wave energy generation system installed in Black Sea for testing. You tube at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nCNz-QW3JYY&feature=youtu.be

5.22.12 - Cash secures Langlee test off Norway - Project to go live in May 2013 - renews.biz.

5.19.12 - 100-Foot Subsea Turbine Successfully Installed at World's First Tidal Farm Off the Coast of Scotland - inhabitat. A 100 foot tall underwater turbine was installed this week in the Sound of Islay off of Orkney Island.

5.18.12 - Energy Department to fund wave power test in Hawaii - bizjournals. $500,000 available from the DOE to test wave energy device at the Kaneohe Bay Marine Corps Base.

5.18.12 - Aussie Wave Power Tech Washes Ashore In Bermuda « - earthtechling. Coupled with high per capita energy consumption and high fuel costs due to their remote location, Bermuda officials are looking to the sea for energy. Carnegie Wave Energy of Australia and Triton Renewable Energy of Bermuda just completed a 12 month study of wave power and they are looking to develop a full scale wave farm.

5/14/12 - Maine Homes Will Soon Be Powered By Wave Energy - care2. Cobscook Bay in the Gulf of Maine - Tidal energy support frame installed for the TideGen turbine system. The submersed turbines (pictured) to be installed this summer expected to produce 4 MW of power.

5/14/13 - Nova Scotia says it wants 10 per cent of power supply coming from tidal energy - winnipegfreepress. Target se by Halifax government to supply 10% of energy for Nova Scotia from the tides.

5/14/12 - Harnessing the awesome power of the ocean waves - phys. Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute is developing a wave power device. As it rises and falls with each wave a piston compresses and decompresses nitrogen gas in a pneumatic chamber. The device is meant to capture energy from the small waves in Monterey bay which is not conducive for commercial energy production, but they do see it having potential to power scientific instruments or devices such as an underwater docking and charging station for autonomous underwater vehicles (AUVs) .

5/3/12 - Scouring the Tropics for Thermal Energy | Renewable Energy News Article

5/2/12 - Company will test wave buoys near Cape Arago‏ | TheWorldLink.com

5/1/12 - Maine Constructing 4 MW Commercial Tidal Power Project‏ | EcoGeek

5/1/12 - WA To Launch World-First Wave Energy Project| CETO| Craig Ferguson

5/1/12 - World first wave energy to connect to grid (in Australia)‏ | NineMSN.com

4/30/12 - Power Meeting: Where Rivers Hit The Sea | Earthtechling‏

4/30/12 - Offshore Platform to Move U.S. Wave-Energy Industry from Lab to Sea - Forbes‏

4/30/12 - Ross Henderson, technology director of Pelamis Wave Power | In-depth | The Engineer‏

4/27/12 - 400-MW Meygen Marine Tidal Power EIA Moves Forward - CleanTechnica‏

4/26/12 - FAU'S NMREC Applies to Test Marine Turbines in the Gulf Stream - CleanTechnica‏

4/25/12 - UK Wave Power FabTest Site Up And Running | Earthtechling‏

4/24/12 - On Wave Power, Oregon Looks To Europe For Help | Earthtechling‏

4/23/12 - Tide turns in favour of wave power instead of wind farms - Environment - Scotsman.com‏

4/20/12 - DOE Finds 12 GW of Untapped Hydro Potential on Ol' Man River‏ | CleanTechnica

4/19/12 - New Renewable Electricity Source, River Endpoints, Could Support Half a Billion People (pressure retarded osmosis driven bythe differing densities of fresh and salt water)| CleanTechnica

4/19/12 - UMD students seek way to harness the power of waves | SouthCoastToday.com

4/19/12 - Australian ocean energy device close to commercialisation - Renewable Energy Magazine, at the heart of clean energy journalism‏

4/19/12 - U.S Navy announces plans for a wave energy test center - MauiWeekly.com | News, information, serving Maui, Hawaii weekly — The Maui Weekly‏

4/18/12 - UK Marine Energy Continues Aggressive Expansion | Earthtechling

4/18/12 - Wave power 'donut' goes live off Falmouth (From Falmouth Packet)

4/17/12 - US Sees Bonus Hydropower In Manmade Waterways | Earthtechling‏‏

4/17/12 - 200-MW Tidal Power Project Progressing In NZ | Earthtechling‏

4/15/12 - Navy's Hawaii Ocean Energy Plans Taking Shape | Earthtechling

4/15/12 - Fred Olsen's wave energy plan(first energy device deployed at Falmouth Bay for testing) REVE - Regulación Eólica con Vehículos Eléctricos

4/11/12 - Navy Recruits Private Innovators for Wave Power Research | TriplePundit

4/9/12 - Wave Device Captures Power Of Near-Shore Surge | Earthtechling

4/9/12 - United Kingdom launches Marine Energy Array Demonstrator project to fund development of wave energy‏ | HydrogenFuelNews

4/5/12 - Britain opens 20 mln pound wave power contest | Reuters‏

4/3/12 - Navy aims to expand ocean wave energy testing in Kaneohe Bay | The Republic

3/28/12 - Big Canal Turbine Takes The Plunge In Washington | Earthtechling‏

3/28/12 Inventor seeks to tap wave power in Maine - SeacoastOnline

3/23/12 - Hydropower's Devices Beyond Dams | Renewable Energy News Article‏

3/21/12 - Motion Of The Ocean: Looking At Marine Energy | Earthtechling‏

3/15/12 - Vattenfall Plans to Test Pelamis Wave Power Device in Scotland - Businessweek‏

3/15/12 - Eco Wave Power Moves Wave Energy Toward the Golden Middle : Greentech Media‏

3/14/12 - Wind-Water Turbine Concept: Take Me To The River | Earthtechling‏

3/14/12 - Ocean Energy 'Penguin' Ready To Ride The Waves | Earthtechling‏

3/10/12 - Scottish wave power will drive Japanese recovery - Business - Scotsman.com‏

3/7/12 - Equity into Tidal Energy Firm Verdant Power‏| SmartEnergyNews.net

3/6/12 - Putting Ocean Power To The Test In Oregon | Earthtechling

3/4/12 - Can Tides Turn the Tide? | Earthtechling‏

3/3/12 - Turning Water Into Electricity, Students Into Experts | Earthtechling‏

3/2/12 - Wello to Deploy Full Scale Sustainable Energy Converter in Orkney - PR.com

3/2/12 - Aquamarine Power unveils Lewis wave energy proposals - Local Headlines - Stornoway Gazette‏

3/1/12 - Resolute Marine Energy's Newburyport lab develops system for turning ocean waves into clean power source - The Boston Globe‏

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