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Get Plugged into The Necessary (r)Evolution for Sustainable Food Systems Amplified Conference - June 28 - 1-6 - Learn UVM. View the live-streamed conference at http://learn.uvm.edu/foodsystemsblog/ or on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/pages/University-of-Vermont-Continuing-Education/143986912311328 .Conference Topics: Resilient Farming Systems, Safe and Healthy Food, Strong Regional Food Systems, Food Security and Improved Access, Real Food Education, Businesses for a Hungry PlanetPolicy AdvocacyInfo at: learn.uvm.edu/foodsystems

6.13.12 - Vertical is wave of future - www2.tbo. On the same parcel of land, production can be increased 10 times by growing vertically. Space, water and energy are all used more efficiently. A lot of these small efficient farms are popping up - 40 of the VertiGrow systems are located in Florida and within or close to population centers so consumers enjoy the opportunity to buy direct from the farmers.

6.11.12 - Virginia Institute of Marine Science - Shellfish aquaculture a bright spot in weak economy - vims.edu. Virginia Institute of Marine Sciences releases 2011 report on shellfish aquaculture in the State. The oyster industry is growing (up 38%from 2010) while the clam industry is holding steady and continues to be the the largest in the nation. A downloadable link is included.

6.10.12 - Crisper Products investing in Orange County - www2.starexponent. Aquaponics facility to be sited between Gordondsville and Orange, VA. Fish and produce will be grown naturally in a closed recirculating systems. No pesticides will be used and fertilizers for the produce are provided by fish (trout, shrimp and tilapia). Wind turbines and solar panels will help power the greenhouse facilities. Crisper Products will deliver North up to Baltimore and DC and South to Richmond and Charlottesville and West to Fredericksburg.

6.6.12 - Urban Fish Farming and Greenhouses as Cutting-Edge Educational Tools - cbf.typepad. Inspirational read - Inner City Baltimore public school focuses on sustainable farming and more. The Green Street Academy, founded at a former school site that closed in part because of high drop out rates, has a waiting list of kids that want to get in.

6.6.12 - Honeybees living the high life at the Waldorf-Astoria - life.nationalpost. The NY city landmark is not the only hotel to host beehives and produce honey. It's a great trend though as we rely on honey bees to pollinate our food crops.

6.5.12 - Celebrity chefs join farm-bill food fight - latimes. The Environmental Working Group organized a group letter from celebrity chefs urging Congress to "invest in initiatives that expand access to local and healthy food, and that strengthen organic an disadvantaged farmers," instead of aiding large commodity crop growers and insurers as the current wording in the Farm Bill proposes.

6.4.12- Food Trade Too Complex to Track Food Safety - wired. Interesting article on the complexity of the global food trade. It is becoming more difficult and in some circumstances, virtually impossible to trace processed foods, back to their source(s) and thus contaminants can be readily spread.

6.3.12 - VISTA: Local nonprofit takes on ambitious farming project - nctimes. San Diego - Homeless organization is developing an aquaponic facility to sustainably farm fish and produce in a closed system that does not require synthetic fertilizers as the fish provide them. Some of the 13,000 pounds of fish and 86,000 pounds of produce will be sold to restaurants to support the nonprofits efforts, the remainder will be distributed to those in the groups homeless recovery efforts.

6.1.12 - Queen of England to eat invasive species pie - grist.

Lamprey, a parasitic eel that has invaded the Great Lakes, is a prized fish in England, but unfortunately it is now hard to find there. So, Chefs are importing it to offer to the Queen in a traditionally served dish. Guess we better give it t a try?

5.30.12 - 20 Years of GMO Policy That Keeps Americans in the Dark About Their Food - huffingtonpost. Great overview of US GMO policy and how it was developed. Despite the overwhelming public support for GMO labeling, no state has passed labeling requirements although it is on the ballot in Nov. in California. 40 other countries including Russia and China have some form of labeling requirements. Given the circumstances, it would appear that our country is run by a government that is NOT for the people. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/dave-murphy/dan-quayle-and-michael-ta_b_1551732.html

5.25.12 - USDA Works to Create Organic Aquaculture Standards - foodsafetynews. Standard development process expected to take 2 years. Memo from the agency indicates that consumers are likely to see domestic farm raised seafood sporting an organic label. I hope they can learn something form the Canadian experience (featured in an earlier snip).

5/24/12 - Sustainable Seafood Fest at the Virginia Aquarium - Info

5.24.12 - How Permaculture Could Transform Campuses Across the Globe - treehugger. UMass Amherst is hosting a Permaculture Your Campus Conference June 20-22 to enlighten and motivate faculty and students at other campuses to follow in their footsteps and transform lawns into edible gardens.

5.23.12 - Hannaford Supermarket Chain Adopts a Sustainable Seafood Policy - mpbn. Hannaford is ensuring sustainable origins of all seafood in its stores. The policy developed with the assistance of the Gulf of Maine Research Institute will soon be adopted by its parent Delhaize which operates 1400 stores, including Food Lion in the South East.

5.23.12 - VIMS reports record number of young scallops in mid-Atlantic - vims.edu.

VIMS scallop survey finds unprecedented growth in Virginia's top commercial fishery. The fishery once over exploited, is now managed on a rotating basis, where some beds are closed when adult populations are below a predetermined threshold or there a a significant number of young scallops. It appears that management has been successful.


5.20.12 - Maryland set to ban arsenic-containing drug in chicken feed - washingtonpost. Despite efforts from big agriculture to allow the continued use of Roxarsone and other arsenic based drugs in chicken feed, Maryland will be the the first state to ban it's use. Maryland legislators were moved to act after reading an FDA report that ultimately found that eating chicken with trace amounts of the organic arsenic to be safe. The Governor is expected to sign the legislation this week.

5.18.12 - Should You Eat Farmed Fish? It's Complicated. - sustainablebusinessforum.

Synopsis of Cooking for Solution a Monterey Bay Aquarium event focusing on sustainable seafood. Aquaculture is the fastest growing food industry and it can produce some of the most sustainable food, but not always, so a new certification for farmed fish is being developed to help consumers make better choices.


5.17.12 - It's GMO War: The Monopoly vs. the People - goodfoodworld. GMO panelist at CUNY discussion advocate labeling. Author notes that Monsanto claims their foods are different for patent purposes while telling the FDA their no different than other foods and don't require separate labeling.

5/16/12 - US veterans the next generation of organic farmers - westernfarmpress. Military veteran starts farming organically and founds a center to train other veterans about sustainable farming. Over 100 veterans have been assisted in transitioning to the civilian work force and one created an organic hot sauce available in stores across the country.

5/16/12 - Countertop Crunch - Unique Container of Aquaponic Produce - mailtribune. Medford, Oregon - The Boudros' aquaponic farm sells an assortment of live produce in a container arrangement that can be grazed upon over the course of a couple weeks. Not certified organic, no chemical pesticides or herbicides are used. Fish provide nutrients for the plants.

5/16/12 - Farmers markets are well-stocked with local fare - hamptonroads. East Beach, Norfolk will host a new Farmers Market Saturdays beginning this week from 9-12 and the Old Beach Farmers Markets opens Memorial Day weekend and will operate 9-12 through the summer.

5/14/12 - A Rebound for 6 Fish Populations - green.blogs.nytimes. NOAA reports that fish stocks have returned to healthy levels for 6 species (including the mid-Atlantic summer Flounder) and that overall fish stocks were improving as a result of often controversial fishery management programs.

5/14/12 - Genetically Modified Eggplant Field Trials Halted by Court in Philippines - treehugger. After a Greenpeace petition, the Supreme Court in the Philippines halted field trials of Bt eggplant.

5/11/12 - Organic farming: Beyond the yield debate - sustainablebusinessforum - While yield is indeed lower at farms the do not use pesticides and synthetic fertilizers, organic farmers typically earn more than conventional farmers. And though still relatively small, the organic food and farming industry is growing at a fast pace. The benefits are explored. - http://sustainablebusinessforum.com/marcgunther/57765/organic-farming-beyond-yield-debate

5/11/12- Filet-O-Carp on menu? GHS students prepare, eat Asian delicacy for class - articles.petoskeynews - Asian Carp have invaded the Mississippi and could move into the Great Lakes. They threaten native species and in some areas make up 80% of the river's biomass. As one chef in the article put it, "if you can't beat, eat em." So culinary high school students are learning to prepare the fish. They don't advocate bringing more fish in just using what is already here. - http://articles.petoskeynews.com/2012-05-01/fish_31523964

5/9/12 - Evidence of GMO toxin absorption and toxicity - digitaljournal. Genetically Modified Organisms with the insecticide Bt produce a toxin that is absorbed by humans reports The Journal of Applied Toxicology. Labeling would allow consumers to make informed decisions about what they eat.

5/9/12 - Sustainable Seafood - Wild Rhody, LLC Featured Supplier Story by FishChoice.com - fishchoice - With New England Fish stocks severely depleted, the fishery faces tough regulations. To face the challenges ahead, two Rhode Island fishermen, created their own company, Wild Rhody, and distribute their fish directly to restaurants instead to middle men. In a difficult fishing environment, they've figured out a way to do better then just get by: Last year was the best year they've had.

5/8/12 - Aquaponics farms fresh fish and vegetables - volunteertv - Greater Growth aquaponic farm in Tennessee producing plants and fish in an integrated sustainable system for local consumption. -

5/8/12 - Sustainable Seafood - The World Fisheries Congress meets this week in Edinburgh to address the future of sustainable fishing - Prince Charles is a keynote speaker - BBC.co.uk

5/7/12 - Sustainable Seafood - Greenpeace Report - Safeway, Whole Foods Top Greenpeace Seafood Ratings - triplepundit

5/7/12 - The role of aquaculture in global food security - sl.farmonline.com.au - Aquaculture likely to be the largest food source in the future.

5/7/12 -Food Safety News - Breakthrough Offers Promise of Improved GMO Testing - foodsafetynews - New Low Cost Genetically Modified Organism Test developed by Lumora uses bioluminescence and isothermal DNA amplification. -

5/6/12 - Aquaponics? At Green Acre Organics, it's organic gardening combining hydroponics and aquaculture - tampabay.com - By combining aquaculture and agriculture in a hydroponic system, nutrient rich waste from the fish is filtered by the plants - negating the need for fertilizers.

5/5/12 - Creating Sustainable Agriculture Without Government Subsidies‏ - Interview with Va Farmer Joel Salatine of Polyface Farms -| Reason.com

5/4/12 - Should people eat more seaweed? - bbc.co.uk - Seaweed - Food Source (and potentially fuel source and water cleanser) - we should be growing it.

5/4/12 - Sustainable Seafood - Galloway Township's Sea Salt Farm to become an outlet for Atlantic Capes Fisheries seafood - pressofatlanticcity- Seafood to be included in Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) programs. NJ Sea Grant and Rutgers will use an existing CSA to market seafood too. This is great for fishermen who will likely earn more and it's great for the consumer, keeping locally caught food available.

5/4/12 - Flying Dog Brewery Offering Beer Year-Round to Benefit Oyster Recovery Partnership - prweb - Proceeds from Flying Dog's Pearl Necklace Oyster Stout, available throughout the country, to benefit the Oyster Recovery Partnership, a non profit leading restoration efforts in the Chesapeake Bay.

5/1/12 - New GM Crops Could Make Superweeds Even Stronger - wired -

5/1/12 - The Cook: A celebrated chef preaches sustainability (includes invasive species on mentu)— The Daily Climate‏

5/1/12 - Fertile Soils Need Animal Agriculture: Joel Salatin on Integrated Farming : TreeHugger‏

5/1/12 - GMO Labeling Gets on California Ballot as Agent Orange Corn Nears Approval‏ | SustainableBusiness.com

4/29/12 - TLC Cooking "Why is America One of the Only Industrialized Nations With No GMO Labeling?"‏ | Recipes.howstuffworks.com

4/27/12 - Snakehead Appears On Local Bride's Menu | WAMU 88.5 - American University Radio‏

4/27/12 - Aquaculture and regulations key for sustainable oceans « Inside the United Nations‏

4/27/12 - Sherrill aquaponic farm to be featured on BBC World News | syracuse.com‏

4/27/12 - How do you know if it's non-GMO? | MNN - Mother Nature Network‏

4/26/12 - Burger King Pledges to Go Completely Cage-Free : TreeHugger‏

4/26/12 - Protesters urge U.S. to scuttle Dow's new GMO corn | Reuters‏

4/26/12 - Poquoson's Garden Atriums hires farmer to grow food - Daily Press‏

4/25/12 - Dow Corn, Resistant to a Weed Killer, Runs Into Opposition - NYTimes.com

4/25/12 - Research Shows Genetically Engineered Crops Reduce Beneficial Soil Life‏ | ENewsPF

4/2012 - The Threats From Genetically Modified Foods | MotherEarthNews

4/24/12 - D.C. farms could rise above I-395 - D.C. Wire - The Washington Post‏

4/24/12 - A Hydroponic Farm Grows In This Brooklyn Food Pantry | FastCoExist.com

4/22/12 - New brewery adds to Nelson County craft beer scene | Daily Progress‏

4/21/12 - A (WholeFoods) Ban on Some Seafood Has Fishermen Fuming | NYTimes

4/20/12 - A PERILOUS FOOD TRIANGLE (antibiotic ban) on Page A3 of Saturday, April 21, 2012 issue of The Virginian-Pilot‏

4/20/12 - Hawaii and Vermont Representatives Elle Cochran and Kate Webb on Mandatory GMO Labeling Bills Today | SBWire.com

4/20/12 - (GMO Labelling) Will Vermont Cave to Monsanto or Lead the Way? | SustainableBusiness.com News

4/20/12 - Coalition demands probe on Dow & Monsanto GMOs & pesticides | digitaljournal.com

4/19/12 - Andrew Sharpless: Saving the Oceans to Feed the World: What San Francisco Needs to Know‏ | HuffingtonPost

4/19/12 - 10 Things Seafood Restaurants Won't Tell You - WSJ.com‏

Wednesday, April 18th: Organic Vs. Local Wine and Beer Tasting - ODU - 4-6 P.M. James/Lynnhaven Room Webb Centr, ODU- Info

4/18/12 - GMO crops the bad seed of agriculture | EagleValleyNews

4/16/12 - Some Reading While You Procrastinate on Your Taxes (Farming / Agribusiness) - NYTimes.com‏

4/19/12 - Aquaponics puts the green in West Bank gardens | NOLA.com‏

4/19/12 - An indoor ecosystem‏ (Aquaponics) | OakdaleLakeElmoreReview

4/18/12 - HEALTH - GMO labels for products coming‏ (in Turkey) - http://www.hurriyetdailynews.com/gmo-labels-for-products-coming.aspx?pageID=238&nID=18685&NewsCatID=373

4/18/12 - Urban Organics redefines former Hamm's Brewery space‏ | TheLineMedia

4/18/12 - Aquaponics: a New Technology to Recycle Water and Feed a Rapidly Growing Population‏ | PRWeb

4/15/12 - Freestanding Garden Tower Provides Green Space For 50 Plants to Flourish | Inhabitat - Sustainable Design Innovation, Eco Architecture, Green Building

4/12/12 - Consumers Deserve to Know about Seafood Contaminants‏ | EDF.org

4/11/12 - New jobs brewing in Nelson (VA) (Organic Blue Mountain Brew) | Daily Progress‏

4/10/12 - Report: One million Americans support genetically modified food labeling - National Media & culture | Examiner.com

4/10/12 - Strawberry season's early arrival: Pat's tops 5 picks for pickin' | HamptonRoads.com | PilotOnline.com‏

4/10/12 - Clean Energy On The Farm Gets Big US Assist | Earthtechling‏

4/9/12 - Harvard Study Links Pesticide-Laced Corn Syrup to Bee Colony Collapse | Inhabitat - Sustainable Design Innovation, Eco Architecture, Green Building‏

4/9/12- Seafood Fraud: What You Order Isn't Always What You Get‏ | EDF.org

4/7/12 - Hampton Roads farmers markets opening for spring and summer - Daily Press‏

4/5/12 - Nothing Fishy About the Seafood at Whole Foods‏ | BrandChannel

4/5/12 - Closed-containment salmon-farming project paying environmental, economic, culinary dividends - SeaFood Business Magazine - SeaFood Business.com

4/5/12 - In an old Chicago meat plant, greens and fish grow - The-Press-News‏

4/4/12 - Brightfarms Announces Plan to Build World's Largest Rooftop Farm in Brooklyn | Inhabitat New York City‏

4/4/12 - Monsanto Threatens to Sue Vermont if Legislators Pass a Bill Requiring GMO Food to Be Labeled | Food | AlterNet‏

4/3/12 - DIY Mini Aquaponic Vegetable and Fish Farm‏ | LifeHacker

4/2/12 - From Meat Packing Plant to 93,500 s.f. Off-Grid Vertical Farm and Brewery : TreeHugger

4/2/12 - Whole Foods Market to Stop Sales of Unsustainable Seafood : TreeHugger

4/2/12 - US (NY): AeroFarms in the Dragon's Den‏ |FreshPlaza

3/28/12 - Consumers Push For Better Labeling Of GMOs‏ | BlissTree.com

3/27/12 - Maryland hopes to win sales with sustainable crab | BusinessWeek

3/27/12 - Land based Marine (Salmon) Aquaculture Facility Approved in Maine | Fenceviewr.com

3/26/12 - Edible Schoolyard Project Introduces Web Site - NYTimes.com‏

3/23/12 - The big blue: Can deepwater fish farming be sustainable? | Grist‏

3/23/12 - Branson Aquaponic Garden School proposed for Factory Merchants Mall property - KY3‏

3/21/12- Five Sustainable Distilleries | Earthtechling‏

3/21/12 - Fresh veggies, seafood can be found if you look | HamptonRoads.com | PilotOnline.com‏

3/21/12 - Water and food security focus of World Water Day 2012‏ | BusinessMirror

3/16/12 - Local catch groups casting for new customers « The Outer Banks Voice

3/16/12 - The Farm of the Future Will Grow Plants Vertically and Hydroponically : Greentech Media‏

3/15/12 - The greening of Guinness | Kaid Benfield's Blog | Switchboard, from NRDC

3/14/12 - Vermont Dairy Milks Innovation To Save Energy | Earthtechling

3/14/12 - Huge shift in what we eat‏ - http://www.smh.com.au/entertainment/restaurants-and-bars/huge-shift-in-what-we-eat-20120311-1us1o.html

3/13/12 - Aquaponics offer hope for year-round produce‏ - CalgaryHerald

3/10/12 - Waynesboro organic firm spars with Monsanto in seed lawsuit | The News Leader | newsleader.com

3/9/12 - Farmer for a Day: Tidewater Crop Mob to Meet this Weekend | AltDaily : Creating and celebrating local culture in Norfolk and all of Hampton Roads.

3/8/12 - Inside The Solazyme Kitchen, Where Algae Ice Cream Tastes Good | Co.Exist: World changing ideas and innovation‏

3/8/12 - Water brothers - Aquaponic Facility in Portland‏ |PortlandTribune.com




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