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Carbon Neutral Fuels

Companies like Algenol are working to deliver CO2 sequestering fuels. Diverting the gas from smokestacks to feed algae bioreactors is one way fuels are being derived. Another production method extracts ambient CO2 from the air. Read more.

Initiatives Inspire Energy Transformation

Clean energy and climate activists s are not just taking to the streets: They're launching epic initiatives and pulling off impressive feats. Eco adventurers have embarked on monumental journeys to inspire the masses and demonstrate the potential of solar and wind powered craft. The ripple effect of the global wave of activism is even being felt in Tidewater. Read about local and global endeavors underway like Team Hydroptere's quest to reach Hawaii in record time. There they plan to rendezvous with the crew of the Solar Impulse 2, an aircraft circling the globe powered totally by the sun.

groovin_gears_rvaImage: Groovin Gears RVA

Pedal Powered Richmond Brewery & Pub Tours Begin April 11

Scheduled public tours operated by Groovin Gears based in Scotts Addition operate Thursday through Sunday. Three different routes are currently offered for $35/pp & the pedal bus is also available for private parties. The Brewery tour includes visits to Ardent, Isley and Hardywood. Pub tours of the Fan and Carrytown are also on the calendar.

More information at GroovinGears.com


W&M ELF Encounter - New Machine Demonstrates Sustainable Transport in Williamsburg

From its North Carolina design hub, the solar and human powered ELF is emerging as an attractive form of transport all over the country. Read more.

Reviving Sail Transport

Carbon free vessels are supporting historical and sustainable endeavors. Read more about the Great Chesapeake Bay Schooner Race and sail freight projects.


Converting to Electric Transport - TidewaterCurrent.com.

Learn about electric vehicles and how one local teacher converted an old VW into a very reasonable EV.

Marine Propulsion – Is Wind back on the Horizon?

Fall 2012 Post - With 21st Century technology, humanity may witness the resurgence of an age old transportation system: wind driven propulsion.

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